Our Goal is to reach you through our music,

 touch your soul and move your heart.

The Songs we play belong to those who listen and those who listen may come to see us

but we are there to see you 

and give the best we can.

Noah John

​Noah John and Ringing Iron

​The Soul of Country 

​​Wisconsin's Original Country Bluegrass Singer/Songwriter

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Hello folks!

​Thanks for visiting!

This has been a Crazy Year but NJRI is still playing and booking shows. Check our Events page for more info.

​Noah John and Ringing Iron is a band based out of Central Wisconsin playing a unique form of Outlaw Country and Bluegrass. Singer/Songwriter Noah John's style of rhythm and lead guitar along with his cutting country yet bluesy vocals is the backbone of the sound. Upright base and tenor vocals by Melissa Fernandez adds to the experience. Bobby Burns is on rhythm and backup lead guitar and mandolin. The crazy but much loved Bernardo Cano is on  harmonica adding a sizzling, gritty sound to the group and James Saegert long time percussion legend holds it down on drums.
We sing and play the Soul of Country