Hello folks!

​Thanks for visiting!

Noah John and Ringing Iron has been touring across the upper midwest this past year and is looking forward to another great Season in 2019.

Passion in Singing from the heart and making others feel is what drives Singer Songwriter Noah John K.   

He has been touring, recording and playing music for the last six years since the age of 16. ​​

“I First heard Country music from my Mother, she played guitar and sang folk songs. She actually taught me my first chords on the instrument. A lot of folks say that there is a difference between Folk, Bluegrass, Country, and Americana; I mix it together because thats the sound I hear. Music is in the air, in the woods, in the fields. Music is for the People, its way to speak on a deeper level; Love, Pain, Depression, Joy. When I sing, when we play music, I want it to reach you because its yours if you listen to it.”

Noah John

​Noah John and Ringing Iron

​The Soul of the Country 

​Rural Americana Music

Noah John will be releasing his third full length album this coming year,

"Blood Coffee and Smoke"

It will be full of original content and a fresh take on old folk songs.

​I hope you can make it out to one of the groups many shows across the Upper Midwest.

​Thank you for Your Interest in Noah John and Ringing Iron and Please Enjoy the Rest of the Sight


"I Feel that my Vision and purpose has become more solidified this past year, Its more than touring and trying to make a living at it, its giving folks music that makes them feel. When I can't look at an audience because they are on the verge of tears and if I look I'll start to, I know what I'm doing matters. My desire is to create a new, old sound that is raw, fresh, and deep"

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