The Band Consists of

Noah John, Lead Singer, Songwriter and Owner of Ringing Iron, he has been on stage since 14 years of age playing banjo and guitar.
Playing in Wisconsin, Kentucky, Illinois and across the midwest; he hails from the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin.

​Melissa Fernandez plays Bass and sings lead and some harmony,

 The Most Beautiful member, Melissa come straight from Venezuela and brings a totally different twist to the Band. She is fun loving and a favorite at all the shows. 

​Other Members Include Nate Cover from Wausau Wi, Brian Ray From Madison WI, in addition to others

​Please Note

Band Members other than Noah John and Mellisa

can vary from show to show,

However the performance remains the same

Our Goal is to reach you through our music,

 touch your soul and move your heart.

The Songs we play belong to those who listen and those who listen may come to see us

but we are there to see you 

and give the best we can.

Noah John

We are a band based in Wisconsin playing Americana String Music. We blend driving banjo, powerful mandolin, Wailing Fiddle, booming upright bass, steady rhythm guitar and tight harmonies to create a sound that echoes from the hills and plains of our great Nation. 

We sing and play the Soul of the Country


​Noah John and Ringing Iron

​The Soul of the Country 

​Echoes of Rural America

Noah Klingseisen

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