Bluegrass Band

Noah john & Ringing Iron

We are a band based in southeastern Wisconsin playing traditional bluegrass and gospel music as well as country, americana and folk. We blend driving banjo, powerful mandolin, booming upright bass, steady rhythm guitar and tight harmonies to create a new, unique sound. 


Noah John K.

Lead singer, songwriter and owner of the band, he has been on stage since 14 years of age playing banjo and guitar.

Playing in Wisconsin, Kentucky, Illinois and across the midwest; he hails from the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin.

Matt Brey

Mandolin player hails from the town of Bayview near Milwaukee. He watched his father play for years in a regional bluegrass group before picking up the instrument himself. Matt is 30 years old and recently became a father.

Gabriel Dettinger

From Sun Prairie WI, plays the five string banjo and sings baritone and tenor harmony vocals.

15 years old and very talented, he can play anything with strings. 

John Halvorson

Bass player and tenor singer for the band. He has been playing the Minnesota festival circuit for many years with his family band. A popular guy back home and a talented and humble man.

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Meet The Band

Our Goal is TO PROVIDE HIGH-QUALITY MUSIC and produce a unique take on classic Bluegrass