Our first recording as a band, "Old Steel, New Hammers" takes old, traditional bluegrass favorites and spices them up with new passion and energy.



​This Record was made to mimic the sounds that I felt and heard growing up in Calumet County and in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This Record is very pure and sweet but has the old Ringing Iron drive all the way through.

​Noah John and Ringing Iron

​The Soul of the Country 

 Songs of the Hills 

Our second CD: "Just us."

​On this recording Noah John and Gabriel Dettinger play guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass.

Noah on lead vocals and Gabe on tenor and baritone harmony.

​It has a very different and sweeter tone than the first CD "Old Steel, New Hammers."

Our first record made in Nashville under Dogwood Records.

It features five original songs with special guests Kenny Stinson on Mandolin and Gavin Stinson on Bass, with Noah and Gabe doing the singing, guitar, and banjo playing

​All our recordings are for sale at any of our shows, but they may also be purchased via mail. Send your inquiries to noahjohnandringingiron@gmail.com and we will be glad to send you as many copies as desired.


Noah Klingseisen